Our Iceland Itinerary, by Recess City

Anna Lisa and Porter travelled to Iceland from Boston and spent some time driving around Iceland, enjoying some Mink comfort on the road. Read more about their trip: Recess City: Our Iceland Itinerary

“If you’ve been following along on Insta this week, you know that we’ve been spending some time in Iceland! This country has been on Porter and I’s bucket list for awhile now, and the fact that it is oh-so close to Boston (only a 5 hour flight!) made the lead up to this trip that much sweeter.

Since this is our first post from Iceland, we thought we would talk about our five day itinerary. We want to cover this up-front because, let’s be real, Iceland is overwhelming. Driving there feels like passing through any other country’s top ten must-see sites every hour. You will quite literally be drowning in opportunities for sightseeing, if you don’t put together some kind of scheduling life raft. I spent weeks on Instagram figuring out exactly what we wanted to see and what we wanted to skip. Initially, I had us sleeping about four hours a night in order to be able to drive and shoot everything we wanted to in the north and the south. I think that was probably a caffeine-infused morning decision, because about a week before we left Porter basically said, “Well, that’s not going to happen,” and I realized pretty fast that he was right…” – Recess City