Information on Camping & Travel in Norway

On Your Arrival

On arrival you will be met at Harstad/Narvik Airport by one of our team members. We will provide transportation to our site in Bogen which is about a 10 min drive from the Airport. Click here to see our location

Camping / Campsites

There are several camping sites in our region around Narvik and Lofoten. We recommend to get familiar to the location for the camping sites before your trip. In Lofoten we recommend Skagen Camping located at Ramberg Beach. There are also camping sites around Svolvær area with full service like showers and kitchen. We also recommend overnight parking at Uttakleiv beach were you get really close to nature.

Roads / Speed limit

The roads in north Norway may vary a lot, but in general the roads are narrow and curvy. The speed limit is 60 or 80 km/h. We recommend careful driving due to heavy traffic, especially in the summer season. Be aware of the heavy traffic of camping cars, bikers and truck traffic.


Since we are located above the Arctic Circle the meteorological conditions vary a lot. There can be real nice warm weather but we could also encounter heavy rain and winds. Occasionale storms can occur. Driving around with the Mink we recommend that you regularly check the weather and the forecasted wind speeds. Winds coming as downdrafts from the mountains can be dangerous. So keep in mind that you always pay attention to the weather. We recommend to check to stay updated on the weather situation.

Language / Culture

The main language is Norwegian. But the general population understand and speak sufficient english.

Costs / Currency

Traveling in Norway you will experience that the cost level in Norway is high. Gas,food etc. is not low cost products. Also adventures like boat safari or similar activities is in general quite expensive. To park at the camp sites you have to pay per night. The currency used in Norway is Norwegian Kroner (NOK), but all stores and camping sites accepts major credit cards like VISA and Mastecard. It is not common in Norway to provide payment with American Express.