• expand_moreIs there a minimal rental period?
    No, there is no minimal rental period, feel free to rent a Mink Camper for as short or long as you would like.
  • expand_moreDo you offer emergency breakdown assistance?
    Yes, in case of emergency we offer free 24/7 assistance, the emergency line number is + 47 46772300
  • expand_moreHow old to you have to be to rent a Mink Camper / car ?
    To rent a Mink Camper / car you have to be 23 years of age and hold a valid drivers license.
  • expand_moreCan I add multiple drivers?
    Yes, an additional driver can be added in the booking process.
  • expand_moreWhere is the pick-up / return location?
    Mink Campers is conveniently located in Strandgata 90, 220 Hafnarfjörður, a harbour town situated between Keflavik airport and down town Reykjavík. Our rentals begin and end at this location for all Compact Cars and all Compact 4x4 SUVs. Luxury SUVs are picked up and returned at Keflavik Airport but campers are picked up and returned at our location in Hafnarfjordur A flybus stop is 500 meters away from us (in front of Hotel Viking).
  • expand_moreDo I need to return the car with a full tank of fuel?
    Yes, our rental cars should be returned with a full tank of fuel. If not we will charge the renter for the fuel plus EUR 50 service fee.
  • expand_moreWhat are your opening hours?
    We are open from 8 am to 5 pm all days of the week. Our campers / cars can only be picked up during opening hours but they can be returned at any time of the day or night. By selecting a time outside of our opening hours to return the camper / car you are responsible for leaving the vehicle(s) at the Mink Campers premises and leaving the keys in a designated box.

Traveling in Norway

  • expand_moreAm I allowed to drive on F roads?
    If you select a four wheel drive car (4x4) either from our Compact SUVs or Luxury SUVs catagories, you are allowed to drive on F roads and in the highlands. Cars from the Compact car selection, not four wheel drive, are not fit for F roads.
  • expand_moreCan I camp anywhere in Norway ?
    We highly recommend always using designated camping sites with the necessary facilities like running water and bathrooms. In Norway there are around 1000 campsites to choose from next to fjords, by the sea or in beautilful forests.
  • expand_moreWhere are camping sites and do I need to book ahead of time?
  • expand_moreAre camping sites open all year round?


  • expand_moreIs insurance included in the rental price?
    Yes, a basic CDW (Collision Damage Waver) insurance with an excess of EUR 3.000 is included in all rentals. Other insurance options are: Super Collision Damage Waiver – Lowers excess fees to EUR 445 in case of collision, gravel or sand/ash damage. Price per day € 30 Gravel Protection -  Unpaved roads are very common in Iceland. Gravel Protection is an optional damage waiver which covers damages from gravel roads to the body of the vehicles, the headlights and the front windscreen of the car. Price per day € 10 Sand & Ash Protection – Lose ash and fine grained sand can on a windy day whirl up and blow towards anything in it´s path causing serious damage to paint, windows,- etc. Sand & Ash Protection is an optional damage waiver which covers damages from sand and ash. Price per day € 15
  • expand_moreIs there anything not covered by the insurances?  
    Damage to the following is not included in any of our insurances and therefore the renter is in full liable for any damages as well as damages caused by driving in or across water or rivers of any kind.
    • Roof top (Please do not stand on top of cars or campers)
    • Clutch
    • Drive shaft
    • Chassis or under carrige of vehicles
    • Jocky wheel of camper
    • Fenders of camper

Booking & payments

  • expand_moreHow do I pay for the rental?
    We ask for a full payment by credit card at booking and we accept all major credit cards.  Please see our cancellation policy.
  • expand_moreWhat is your cancellation policy and do I get a refund if I return the camper / car early?
    Full refund is granted if the booking is cancelled 4 weeks prior to arrival, 50% refund if cancelled 2 weeks prior to arrival and 25% refund if cancelled a week prior to arrival.
  • expand_moreWhat is included in the rental price?
    Included in the rental price is a basic CDW insurance with EUR 3.000 own liability 24% VAT tax   Our car rentals include: Unlimited kilometers 24 / 7 Emergency assistance   Our camper rentals include: Two duvets and pillows Signature MINK Blanket Two towels Bose sound system All necessary kitchen utentils Tableware, pots and pans Two camping chairs and a table

The Mink Camper

  • expand_moreDo I need to clean the Mink camper / car before returning it?
    We ask that all our vehicles, cars and campers, be returned in good condition and not excessively dirty. If returned exceptionally dirty we will charge the renter an extra cleaning fee of EUR 50.
  • expand_moreDo the campers / cars have Wi-Fi?
    For a fee of EUR 10 per day you can connect up to a Mink Mobile Wi-Fi that can be connected to ten devices, with unlimited data and 12 hour battery life. A charger and a USB lead comes included.