Rent a Mink Camper in Iceland

Mink Camper
High season
EUR 119 pr. day
Low season
EUR 119 pr. day
Mink Camper & 4x4 compact SUV
High season
EUR 229 pr. day
Low season
EUR 199 pr. day
Mink Camper & 4x4 SUV
High season
EUR 269 pr. day
Low season
EUR 239 pr. day

See Iceland with the Mink

The Mink Sports Camper makes road tripping in Iceland easy and comfortable. It is stocked with all amenities including a comfy bed, fully equipped outdoor kitchen and an amazing panorama viewing roof.
We suggest tours depending on the length of your stay with camping sites, daily itinerary and local travel tips.
Come and have a Mink adventure of a lifetime!

Mink Sports Camper

Recommended Road Trips

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South Coast

Explore the amazingly versatile landscape of the south shoreline with glaciers, black sand beaches and waterfalls all while traveling comfortably with the Mink

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Ring Road

The ring road trip takes your around this spectacular island through isolated fjords passing waterfalls and glaciers that are all along and by Iceland´s route one

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Westfjords & Ring Road

Traveling the remote and stunning West fjords is a unique experience and combined with Iceland´s ring road this is simply an adventure beyond compare

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Included In All Our Rentals

We have included everything you need for a luxurious stay in Nature

Bedding kit
Cleaning kit
Kitchen kit
Dinnerware kit
Webasto heating system
Unlimited km's
Assistance 24/7

Mink Introduction

We want to inspire people of all ages to travel, explore the outdoors and dwell in nature while staying safe and being comfortable.

The concept of the MINK is built on the idea of simplicity. The simple power of Less is More. We have chosen every element carefully.

Get to know the MINK.

Our Rental Car Selection

Compact 4x4 SUVsThe All New Suzuki Jimny is recommended for two persons traveling together. It is a fun, compact & capable 4X4 SUV that is great for paved, gravel or F- Roads (mountain roads) Book now
Best seller
4X4 SUVsOur 4X4 SUVs catagory includes Jeep Renegade 4×4 which is suitable for all-year adventure trips on gravel and mountain roads (F-roads) Book now
Roof Top TentThe MINK Roof Top Tent adds two comfortable sleeping spaces for a family or group traveling together. Good insulation, water repellent sides, easy to use & fun! Book now

Information on Camping & Traveling in Iceland

Costs / Currency

Iceland undisputedly holds a reputation for being one of the most expensive countries in the world. Prices for hotels, taxis, public transport, food and drinks are high compared to almost anywhere else but do not get too disheartened for traveling in the Mink Camper, with a comfy accommodation and a fully equipped kitchenette, brings the cost down considerably.

The Krona (ISK) is the currency of Iceland and currency exchange is available at all banks around the country, open generally Monday through Friday 9am-16pm and ATM´s are widely available. Most if not all merchandise and services can be paid for with debit/credit cards which is the most common form of payment in Iceland but please note that Iceland uses cards with the chip-and-PIN system that requires a 4-digit PIN for purchase. VISA and Mastercard are the major credit cards.

Budget friendly grocery shopping is best done in Bónus or Krónan (better for fresh produce and health food, non-dairy, non-meat etc.) which can be found all around the country although far between in some parts of the island. Nettó is another budget store chain found in towns around the island, inexpensive but not as low-priced as Bónus and Krónan. The Hagkaup stores are hypermarkets offering everything from food to clothes and cosmetics, quite a bit pricier on food but mid-range on everything else. Samkaup stores are widespread around the country and very pricey as are the 10-11 convenience stores. Generally shops are open from 10 am to 18 pm. Wine and alcohol is only sold in state-owned stores called Vínbúðin and because of the state monopoly and heavy taxing it is very high priced. The outlets are also relatively few but can be found in most larger towns in Iceland. Usually the opening hours are 11 am to 18 pm Monday through Saturday except in smaller villages were the opening hours are often constricted to two a day. Consider buying wine and alcohol beverages in the Duty Free Store on your arrival for much better prices.

Tap water across Iceland is safe to drink so there is absolutely no need to spend money on bottled water, just bring a reusable waterbottle.

Camping / Campsites

Responsible camping involves respect for nature and minimizing the impact of the travels.

Iceland has approx. 170 registered campsites around the island. The majority of these campsites are open from May/June and usually until the end of September but quite a few are open all year round, see here Reservations are not needed for camping sites. Services vary but facilities always include running water and toilets. The price is between EUR 11 - 18 per person and usually there is a small fee for showers, washing machines and dryers. Some camping grounds also ask for a lodging fee per vehicle.

Should you wish to camp on cultivated land or a fenced off farmland you need permission from the landowner. Furthermore, the Conservation Law dictates that it is illegal to camp/spend the night in campervans anywhere, including the highlands, without permission from the rightholder/landowner. For further information The Environment Agency of Iceland

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