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Norway – Scotland – Iceland

The Mink Camper

A fully equipped Sports Camper sleeping two adults and a child,
with panorama viewing roof, ceiling mood light & open air kitchen.
Designed with minimalism, functionality & ease of use in mind.
Now for rent or to buy.

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A fully equipped Sports Camper in nature

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Mink Camper & 4X4 SUVRent a Mink Sports Camper with 4X4 SUV like the Jeep Renegade
(or smiliar). Check our car selection at different locations Book now
Mink CamperThe All-Season & All-Terrain Mink Sports Camper comes fully equipped with all essentials needed for camping in Nature Book now

Mink Introduction

We want to inspire people of all ages to travel, explore the outdoors and dwell in nature while staying safe and being comfortable.

The concept of the MINK is built on the idea of simplicity. The simple power of Less is More. We have chosen every element carefully.

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Look no further then the Mink!

"If you want a great Icelandic camping experience, look no further than the Mink! This little camper had everything we needed to make our stay in Iceland one I'll never forget. Can't wait to visit and rent a Mink again!"

Andrea Goulet


I can´t wait to Mink again somewhere else!

"We took our Mink around the Ring Road in Iceland and could not recommend this more highly! It´s very cute (we were turning heads, baby), but it´s also completely practical and comfortable! Shockingly cozy actually. I can´t wait to Mink again somewhere else!"

Sarah Dion Neitzell