Where can I see the Mink Camper?

Currently, we have campers to view in Austria, Belgium, Germany, Iceland, Netherlands, Norway, Slovakia, Sweden, Switzerland and United Kingdom.

Head office in Reykjavik, Iceland (team@minkcampers.com)

Here is our list of dealers.

You can also see us in the media:

  1. Mercedes Benz ME Magazine World Wide
  2. Der Spiegel Germany
  3. Autobild
  4. Lonely Planet
  5. Globetrotter Magazine Germany’s leading outdoor retailer
  6. Dwell Design and Technology Magazine
  7. Yanko Design online design magazine
  8. Daily Mail UK Facebook
  9. Mercedes Benz Electric Vehicle EQC and Bosch e Bikes
  10. LadBible Facebook
  11. Bild Germany